Advantages of Having A Solar Geyser Set Up in Your Home

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Solar Geysers also called solar water heaters, is the process of transforming free energy from the sun to hot domestic water. This can likewise be fitted to a traditional geyser for when solar heating is not available.


  • Take pleasure in hot water in your home throughout the year. The system works even in winter season in cold environments when it is retrofitted to your electric geyser.
  • Decreased electricity costs. Solar energy from the sun is free, when you’ve had the system installed you will see a huge decrease in expenses for water heating.
  • Lower carbon footprint. Solar water heating is green, renewable energy, this will decrease you homes co2 emissions. It has been shown to minimize an average families emissions by about 3 loads per year.
  • Eskom rebate. When you get an installation from an authorized installer you will gain from the Eskom refund plan. This will lower the cost of having the system installed in your home.
  • You will have hot water even during power failures or load shedding.

Solar geysers provide defense from future electrical power cost walkings.


Solar geysers utilize photovoltaic panels, otherwise called collectors, which are fitted to your roofing system. The water is heated in the collectors utilizing thermal solar energy from the sun which is then stored in a tank. This can be utilized in combination with a traditional electric geyser to reach your wanted temperature level, particularly useful in cooler environments during the winter season. There are 2 primary types of solar heating panels:

Left tubes:

Otherwise known as vacuum tube collectors they make up of several glass tubes filled with a transfer fluid, this is typically a mixture of water and antifreeze. The heat is then transferred to the water through an exchanger called a manifold.

Flat plate collectors:

Established in the 50’s, this is the most common type of panel used in solar water heating. In areas where freezing or frost prevails, flexible polymers are used and the panel can freeze and thaw numerous times without damage.

An accredited installer will have the ability to advise you on which system is better fit to your home and needs.


According to apollo solar technology, your electric geyser is the biggest energy user in your house, it utilizes 40% of your monthly electrical energy spend on average. When altering to solar you will see substantial savings. Not just will your electricity bill drop considerably, however you likewise might get approved for an Eskom rebate. You may be worried about the expenditure of switching over, but once you see the cost savings, you ‘d be ridiculous not to. To determine how much you could possibly conserve, click on this link.


Upkeep for solar geysers is usually extremely low and an SABS approved geyser will come with a 5-year assurance. As soon as set up most companies use a handbook which covers some standard maintenance checks which ought to be performed from time to time to ensure the system is working properly.

The most essential thing to check for are leaks, these can be easily identified. If your system is not providing warm water on a warm day we recommend you contact the installer. Some installation companies will use a yearly service check, take this into factor to consider when picking an installer.