Four Easy Ways to Get Perfect Hair

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The summer is coming; maybe, it’s high time to get perfect hair?  Moreover, all you need to do is to revise your hair care routine and change some habits. At barber shop New York Manhattan, we are sure, you can cope with it easily, and the results will cost the efforts you spend. Learn these easy tips, follow them, and enjoy your healthy-looking hair!

Tip #1 Over-Washing

Barbers at barber shop Cape Town, South Africa tell that over- washing is one of the most common mistakes every man has ever done. How many times a week do you shampoo your hair? If your answer is ‘Everyday’, congratulations, you are wrong.

Look, by shampooing your hair every day you wash out natural oils, your scalp produces for moistening hair. Now you understand why your hair look so dry and lifeless? The optimal regimen of shampooing hair is once or twice a week. If your hair turns greasy too fast, rinse your hair simply with water, it is enough, trust us.

Tip #2 Conditioner

Don’t tell us you are one of those men who still believe that conditioners are for women only. What about your hair? You think it doesn’t require any moisture? You are wrong. Don’t deprive your hair of the deserved nutrition. Use conditioner every time you wash your hair. You can use it even on the days you don’t shampoo, and it will provide your hair with the fresh and neat look.

Tip #3 Shower

We are sure you like to relax under the hot shower after long hard-working day. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about your hair. CurlyQueen says if your hair is prone to turn greasy fast, hot water will make it greasy even faster. Opt for lukewarm water and, maybe, your hair will thank you with a freshly looking state for a longer period of time. Another thing you should consider is how you treat your wet hair. Pay attention that your hair is weaker while it is wet due to its structure. If you scrub and rub like crazy, you make the sebaceous glands double their activity with your own hands. Be gentle!

Tip #4 Drying

The way you dry your hair influences the overall state and look of your mane. The ideal variant is to let your hair air dry after gently patting it with a towel. If you have not enough time to air dry it, you can blow dry it but only if you do two things. First, purchase a blow dryer with an option of switching to a cold stream of air. Second, use a heat protection spray every time you are going to blow dry hair.

Now you are ready for changing your hair for the better. Follow our simple tips and your hair will thank you with a healthy look. Don’t waste your time and get the perfect hair right now! If you still have some questions, come to our barbershop, and our barbers will be glad to provide you with a free consultation.