Top 6 Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

Despite the fact that blood tests and ultrasounds are classified as the primary ways to detect pregnancy, there are various other signals you can look out for. Early symptoms of pregnancy are more than just a skipped period.
Below is a guideline of early symptoms of pregnancy.
Swollen and Tender Breasts.
Hormonal shifts can happen quickly, even as soon as two weeks after concepti
on. This changes in your body could make your breasts sensitive or feel and heavy.
Moderate Bleeding.
Also known as implantation bleeding, sometimes a woman can spot or even have a little vaginal bleeding which is regarded as early symptoms of pregnancy.
This can happen when the fertilised egg burrows into the lining of the uterus.
Food Aversions.
It’s also possible that some previously enjoyed meals are all of a sudden making you cringe.
This is because the estrogen levels in your body are skyrocketing.
More Bathroom Breaks.
A rise in the rate of blood flow through your kidneys is caused by hormonal shifts. This may affect the capacity of urine your bladder will be able to hold and cause you to urinate more frequently.
Tiredness is also one of the superior early signs of pregnancy. During those first weeks, the amount of progesterone increases extensively and taking progesterone in certain doses, can put you to sleep Concurrently, lowered blood glucose levels, reduced blood pressure levels
and increased blood production will all have an effect on your energy levels when pregnant.
Nausea or Queasiness.
Many women don’t experience morning sickness until eight weeks pregnant, but some are not as lucky as it may well start in the first two weeks. Pregnant women also tend to have an increased sense of smell which may cause waves of nausea in the early days of
pregnancy. At 17 weeks pregnant your center of gravity changes so you may begin to occasionally feel a little unsteady on your feet, try to avoid situations with a high risk of falling.
If you suspect that you might be pregnant, wait until the day your period is supposed to start and do a home pregnancy test or blood test. Doing a test earlier might result in a false negative, so it’s advisable to wait.
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