The Top 5 Blog Writing Services for Hire in 2018


The blog writer or writing service you need depends on the work that needs to be accomplished. Follow the cardinal rule in employing writing services. Focus on the writers’ creativity, style, and punctuality. You have the option of hiring either a freelancer or small full-service writing firm depending on your spending budget. To guide you in the selection process, here are the top five writer services for 2018:

Five Ideal Choices

  1. Writer Access refers to a cloud-based system (free of charge) that gives anybody access to large group of 14, 000 adept writers, translators, editors, and content managers based in the United States. The company belongs to the top 5, 000 fastest-growing enterprises in the USA from 2014 until 2015. Writer Access designed a unique and structured method of bidding for blog writers. Clients are charged per word and according to the writer’s proficiency. The pricing ranges between 0.2 cents and 0.20 cents for one word. A 500-word piece crafted by four-star writers will cost you approximately $30.
  2. The Content Company stands out in the outsourcing content writing The founders, who come from writing agencies, place emphasis on sustained high-quality output particularly for small-scale marketing campaigns. However, the price is quite steep at $60 for one 400 – 600-word blog content. It focuses on blogs, press releases, copy-writing for newsletters, and e-Books. The Content Company services professional marketing providers and digital agencies.
  3. Scripted is a company that gets support from venture capital funds. The company’s writers undergo a difficult selection process to ensure that only the best creative individuals are accepted into the pool of talents. Clients can choose from two categories. These are Standard and Specialist which is more expensive. Scripted allows the client to communicate with the writer through phone call and chat.
  4. Ghost Blog Writers is an online service that supplies regular blog articles for business proprietors. The company assigns one dedicated writer for every account. Writers take care of coming up with titles, writing, formatting, and uploading to your blog site. The 600 or 800-word article costs $65. Ghost Blog Writers usually asks for advance deposits or charge customers through a regular billing cycle.
  5. The primary goal of Crowd Content is to establish a simple but powerful platform for content creation. It tries to create a balance between writers and their clients. This writing service maintains customers from more than 80 countries nationwide. Crowd Content tolerates rejection of submissions although most of the content submitted by its writers has been accepted. The ordering process requires qualified writers to claim an order within one minute. It is mandatory for the writer to finish a 350-word post within one hour. One 600-word content generally costs $72. This post is written by a top-notch writer.

There are many other web-based content production and management services. Some of them are more popular compared to the five service providers in this list. However, it is up to you to identify the writer for your niche and preferences.

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