The 5 Most Harmful Faucet Water Contaminants

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Is tap water actually safe to drink? The EPA approximates that over 60,000 chemicals are utilized within the USA, but just 91 impurities are managed by the Safe Drinking Water Act. The EPA has tested for 81 unregulated tap water chemicals since 1996, just started guideline on 1, and hasn’t implemented regulation on any chemicals checked, according to the Environmental Working Group.

It’s simple to see why self-confidence in the quality & safety of faucet water is reducing. We’ve all heard the disconcerting stories about faucet water chemicals, like the presence of lead in Flint, Michigan. However did you know that lead and other harmful pollutants are prevalent in tap water all over the country? The impurities below are the most dangerous discovered in faucet water, due to their hazardous effects and widespread existence.

Chlorine & Chloramine

Both are disinfectants contributed to the water system to lower microbes like bacteria and infections. They respond with naturally present natural matter in water (like rotting leaves), creating damaging disinfection spin-offs (DBPs). DBPs are thought about to be 10,000 x more hazardous than chlorine, and research studies have actually connected DBPs to cancer, problems during pregnancy (consisting of miscarriage), and a wide variety of long-term health effects.

The use of chloramine is gradually surpassing chlorine since chloramine lasts longer and carries out better for local water departments. It remains in the water longer and is much more difficult to filter, so it’s worse for those drinking the water.


Lead is permeated into the water supply through aging facilities and ancient pipelines, some of which are 80-100+ years of ages. Lead poisoning triggers blood conditions and damage to the brain, kidney and bones, as well as a frighteningly long list of other serious medical conditions you can see here. Lead is particularly harmful to children, triggering permanent mental retardation, decreased IQ and developmental disorders. The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation estimated that long-term impacts of lead direct exposure accounted for 853,000 deaths in 2013. There is no recognized level of lead exposure that is thought about safe.


Never heard of chromium-6? It is the carcinogenic chemical made well-known by the true story of ‘Erin Brockovich.’ The Environmental Working Group (EWG) released a disconcerting report on chromium-6 in September 2016, which you can view in its totality here. Based upon nationwide EPA tests from 2013-2015, EWG estimates that water supplies serving 218 million Americans consist of risky levels of chromium-6. EWG likewise estimates that chromium-6 will cause more than 12,000 excess cases of cancer by the end of century, if left without treatment.


The most controversial chemical in water, fluoride has actually been added to public water supplies because the middle of the 20th century for factors passing understanding of preventing dental caries. New research linking fluoridation to skeletal and oral fluorosis has prompted the U.S government to reduce the advised level of fluoride in drinking water for the very first time in more than 50 years. More disconcerting is the increasing variety of studies linking fluoride to neurological, immune, and gastrointestinal damage. You can examine the disturbing findings of a Harvard University meta-analysis moneyed by the National Institutes of Health here. According to the CDC, 2 out of 3 Americans are provided with fluoridated tap water.


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