5 Personal Stylist Tips

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Fashion is a dynamic global industry and has been a prominent part of thousands of lives. For many, the way we express ourselves is seen by the way we dress. For others, the first impression of people they come in contact with is seen through the clothes they wear. Either which way, what you choose to wear is a symbol of who you are as a person.

More often than usual, we dress according to how we feel, be it excited, or sad there is an outfit associated with every mood and every occasion. The process of deciding what to wear and how to wear it can be more tedious than expected. Local brand, Crate|ov Clothes has been established as South Africa’s very first and leading ‘try before you buy’ men’s online clothing store. Their stylists’ trade is to transform a messy reality into perfection and to do that they need to have a few tricks up their sleeves. Here are a few of their tips to get you going on your fashion journey!

#1: Get the right fit

90% of your style problems are solved with well-tailored clothes. Most men find comfort in oversized and baggy clothes. This throws away their figure and portrays a rather sloppy look. Having the right fit can leave you looking effortlessly stylish is a plain white tee and a pair of jeans.

#2: Focus on classic style before working on personal style

Don’t try to create an original style when what you have now is not working out for you, if it was, you wouldn’t find yourself reading this article. So, focus on mastering the classic style then slowly add your personal touch.

#3: Stick to solid neutral colours

Neutral colours are easy to match and are not overpowering. They are self-working and are considered to be a very masculine palette. The colours keep you refined, serious and well-put-together.

#4: The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the forgotten sweetness of low prices

Always buy quality that lasts over cheap clothes that are ruined after one wash.

#5: Step out of your comfort zone 

Gradually introduce something trendy or unique into your cupboard that you never thought that you would have worn. Add something to your style that you were nervous about. Slowly but surely it will start to feel more natural.

CONFESSION: I had no sense of style whatsoever. After collaborating with Crate|ov Clothes, not only did I look good, but I now had a new sense of confidence. Wherever I go and whatever I do, there’s always someone admiring the clothes I wear. For me, that’s never happened until I found these guys. If these tips have helped you the way they’ve helped me, it’s time you register with Crate|ov Clothes and revolutionise your wardrobe. For more information, visit their website.