The Benefits and Drawbacks of Tinting Your Windows

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Like other things, tinting your vehicle has its pros and cons. Whereas it can discourage peeping Toms from “spying” about your cars and truck’ interior, others might be drawn to the reality that there is something you are concealing and worth their attention. Likewise criminals like utilizing tinted vehicles for their trip missions.

Has a car gone by you and you wondered what was within? For the inside of the car is quite dark and not even your curious eye can penetrate the windshields to capture a look. As you stand in marvel, the people inside the automobile see you and the items around you in colour blue! Well, that vehicle is tinted, and there are lots of such vehicles today.

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Why tint?

The factors for tinting cars are differed. “I just desired that stylish look on my vehicle,” says Juma Kavuma. “It was an extra adjustment I put on my car so it would look nicer,” he says. The black tint on the windscreens of Kavuma’s Toyota Range Rover perfectly matches the rest of the cars and truck body colour. Kavuma explains that tinting his automobile has supplied him with the privacy he needed.

” People will need to know who is within and what you are carrying therein but tinting my automobile wades off the curious eye of the general public,” he states. Others like Sara Mbabazi, tint their cars for security factors.

” You understand in Kampala, some individuals on the lookout for what their eyes can arrive on and nab it away,” she says. “I may want to drop in at Nandos for 5 minutes and select a treat. I don’t need to carry my laptop for such a small amount of time yet if I left it in an automobile that is not tinted, it might easily bring in a by-passer who might break in.”

Mbabazi, who works with among the NGOs in Kampala describes why her Toyota Noah X is tinted; “Security experts dissuade us from leaving valuable products in automobiles but look, I do not have to bring all the women stuff into the meeting room, so I leave them in my car in the hotel parking lawn. I know any cars and truck can be broken into but tinting provides some extra security.”

George Amasha, the owner of Glory General Engineering Ltd and a mechanic notes that tinting cars is connected with security and intelligence companies who want to keep the general public away from their organisation. “Some of their activities are clandestine. They are always cautious that the general public does not always know who and what they carry within. They tint their cars,” he states.

Amasha includes that some people tint their cars merely to prevent sun rays from directly warming the car residents. The tint, he says, reduces the quantity of heat that permeates through the car windshields.

How it is done

Amasha explains that car tinting is laying a thin coloured sticker on the cars and truck windshields. Obviously, not every part of the vehicle can be tinted. The front windscreen for example can’t be tinted for the apparent reasons of the motorist having the ability to see in front.

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